Spark I oxy-fuel cutter


SPARK I is the single-support cutter for the thermal cutting of steel using oxy-fuel torch(oxy-propane or oxy-acetylene). The open design provides access to the fire from three sides, making loading and unloading of the material very easy. Perfect for cutting thick plates, even above 100 mm. It may optionally be equipped with a plasma torch.

Durability, low operating costs and very competitive price are undoubted advantages of this machine .

Technical specification

– work area: X = from 1000 to 2000 mm, Y = from 2000 to 9000 mm
– operating velocity: to 2000 mm/min
– oxy-fuel cutting thickness: 6 - 150 mm
– plasma cutting thickness: 5 – 30 mm (depends from plasma source)
– repeatability: +/- 0,3 mm
– precise linear guidlines
– drive realized with servo-stepper motors and toothed racks
– capacity sensor measuring distance of the torch within the material (oxy-fuel)
– voltage control system measuring distance of the torch within the material (plazma)
– hearth with a removable grill
– table with sectional extraction of gas and the exhaust fan
– panel with electronics control
– computer with the software
– oxy-fuel instalation, inter alia Harris®, Koike®
– anti colission magnetic torch holder,a
– electronics heating system to prevent condensation
– plasma cutting system, ie. Kjellberg, Hypertherm® Cebora®, Hypertherm® Cebora®, Lincoln®
Software controlling the machine is very intuitive and easy in use. Projects can be transferred by USB or network connection.

Selected features of the control software:

– ease of use
– friendly and easy for use interface with full visualization of cutting process
– import DXF, PLT, G-code files
– stop and restart of the machine from any vector
– ability to change the cutting parameters during operation
– system protection against exceeding the permissible size
– basic shapes generator
– convenient manual distribution of elements on the sheet
– order optimization