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Cięcie laserowe

Fiber and CO2 laser cutters

Laser cutters use modern technology to create precise cuts in a very short time and with relatively little energy consumption – and we are talking about accuracy in the range of 0.001″ with thin material!

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Cięcie plazmowe

2D and 3D plasma and oxy-fuel cutters

One of the most effective processing technology for aluminum, stainless steel and other electrically conductive materials is plasma cutting. To significantly increase the possibility of cutting thicnkess of mild steel is using a oxy-fuel installation.

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Waterjets are used in many industries: from aerospace, shipbuilding or automotive up to ornamental, furniture or textile. When subjected to enormous pressure, water with the addition of abrasive is able to cut even a sheet of several dozen centimeters.

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A wide range of plasma cutters
and other products and services

We are a company that is able to offer comprehensive solutions, including the design, construction and service of numerically controlled machines. Our specialty is the construction of industrial machines, in the form of serial products, as well as specialized solutions. In the standard offer prepared by our company you will find plasma, oxy-fuel, water and laser cutters, as well as plotters and glue applicators. We also create production lines, tailored to the individual requirements of customers and the specifics of their production plant.
In addition, our company, apart from the design and construction of industrial devices, also provides services in the field of milling and CNC bending as well as laser, water, gas or plasma cutting. We provide our customers with professional repair of CNC machines and service of production lines. Over the years of activity, we have been able to know the needs of our customers, so we make every effort to ensure that the industrial equipment we build is characterized by excellent technical parameters and ensures low operating costs. We are at your disposal and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Solutions tailored to your needs

The experience gained over the past years allows our company to provide quality production equipment. The company’s offer includes modern numerically controlled machines, which extensive functions ensure excellent work efficiency. As a result, the presented devices can be used not only in small plants, but also in very large industrial enterprises. The offered CNC machines are characterized by extremely simple and intuitive operation, thanks to which they can be efficiently operated even by inexperienced employees.

Bet on process automation!

Robotization of enterprises is inevitable and affects more and more industries. If you want to follow the trends and offer the highest-quality components possible, it is necessary to delegate some tasks to robots, which are characterized by extremely fast and accurate work. The company’s offer also includes laser cutters, plasma cutters, CNC plotters or hot glue applicators. All the supplied devices allow for the excellent increase in the quality of the offered products, as well as for the efficiency of production work. We invite you to view all the machines available in the company’s offer.

Product catalog

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer presented in the latest product catalogue.

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01 Guarantee of reliability

Thanks to many years of experience and constant development of our machines, we have obtained extremely reliable devices. Defects appear very rarely, and 99% of them are solved within 24 hours.

02 Different forms of funding

In our offer we have various forms of financing tailored to your financial capabilities, including factory leasing, which facilitates and accelerates the processing of your case.

03 Experienced team of engineers

In order to meet the needs of the market, we focused on the constant development of our staff of engineers, thanks to which we are able to realize even the most complex projects, tailored to the individual needs of the customers.

04 Wide range of products

We offer devices for the shaped cutting of any materials, and our experienced sales department will select and configure the machine to your needs.

Complete production lines

Our company has been operating in Poland for many years and provides modern numerically controlled machines. The offered devices are made of extremely durable materials, so they can be used for a very long time without the need for any service or repair activities. The presented production lines, thanks to their high work efficiency, can be installed not only in small plants, but also in large industrial enterprises.

A wide range of possibilities

As part of our activities, we offer high-quality devices supporting various types of production processes. The company’s offer includes laser cutters, plasma burners, CNC plotters, as well as hot glue applicators. The delivered machines allow for fully automated production in such a way that it is possible to eliminate any errors during the process. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of our company and to choose the most appropriate machines for your needs.

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