Roller glue applicator HMUK

Glue series HMUK are designed to apply a thin layer of highly soluble adhesive (hot melt) to the material. They are ideal for bonding foam, cardboard, wood, etc. materials that do not melt during the application of hot melt glue. It is possible to place the applicator on the work customer table, or a specially designed table equipped with wheels with brakes. As an option there is also a governor, that successfully increases the possible range of applications of HMUK applicator. Casing made of stainless steel is durable and easy to clean.


Comments to order:

1. The applicator is available on request,

2. Have a CE certificate,

3. Instruction in Polish, English or French,

4. Delivery in 4 to 5 weeks,

5. The possibility of producing other sizes available on special request,  

Technical specification

– the width of the glue roller: X = from 300 to 600 mm,
– the thickness of the material to which the adhesive is applied: from 3 to 100 mm,
– glue temperature: from 20 to 250° C
– shaft rotation speed: 18 - 30 rpm, without regulator 23 rpm
– glue container capacity: 4,5 - 9l (depending on the version)
– supply 3 x 400 V
– power: from 3 to 6,2 kW (depending on the version)
– rotation speed regulator
– table
– pressure shaft