Hot-melt Glue Applicators

When you need strong and durable bonding of materials resistant to high temperatures, it is worth reaching for a specialized machine – we offer our hot-melt glue applicators. A custom-made product can be used to bond ie. cardboard, foam or wood. Our devices works in the many different industries ie. furniture, packaging and many more. The structure of the device is stable and, thanks to the use of acid-resistant steel, also resistant to damage. Keeping it clean is not a problem.

The glue applicator can be equipped with a speed controller as well as a pressure roller. Additional equipment allows you to expand the capabilities of the device and increase the precision of joining elements. It is also possible to order a special table with wheels with a brake, adapted to the installation of the equipment.

Hot-melt Glue Applicators

A perfect layer over the entire bonding area

Series of HMUK hot-melt glue applicators was designed for application of a thin layer of hot melt glue on the materials. They are perfect for gluing foam, cardboard, wood etc. – materials that do not melt during the application of hot glue.

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