Series of HMUK hot-melt glue applicators was designed for application of a thin layer of hot melt glue on the materials. They are perfect for gluing foam, cardboard, wood etc. – materials that do not melt during the application of hot glue.

Width of the glue shaft 250 – 1000 mm
Temperature. Glue 20 – 250 °C
Shaft speed 0 – 50 rpm
Glue tank capacity 4.5 – 18 l
Power 3 – 15 kW

Bonding of the future

Hot melt adhesives are distinguished today by a multitude of applications. They are becoming more and more popular, not only in industry but also in home applications. Gluing with hotmelts is characterized by exceptional binding speed. These adhesives are easy to store and transport and have a very long shelf life.


Versatile application

The series of HMUK applicators is used by our customers all over the world for various types of production, and thanks to the roll form, the glue application is quick and easy. Machines of this type work ie. for packaging industry, construction tools producers, footwear manufacturers, production of suitcases, filters or mattresses, making large series of products. The device can also be integrated in automatic production, ie. with an industrial robot.

Simple cleaning

The housing of the HMUK is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to remove post-production residues and other contaminants. The simple design allows for quick replacement of the housing in case of damage.


Precise pressure roller height adjustment

The pressure roller has been mounted on two precisely made adjustment rails, thanks to which we can easily control and, if necessary, correct the distance between the application roller and the pressure roller.


Optional equipment:

Heated shaft

Minimum adhesive level sensor

Shaft speed controller 0- 30 RPM/min (0-9.5 m/min)

Shaft speed controller 0- 50 RPM/min (0-16 m/min)

Rotation stop pedal

Programmable time switch

equipment available for shaft widths above 600mm

Base on wheels

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