If in the plant we work mainly with plastics, wood, leather, paper or black steel of high thickness, the CO2 cutter will be the best choice. This is a powerful laser – it can cut material up to 40 mm, and the gap created during processing is quite wide so that cleaning the edges of the details is not a problem. CO2 cutter – a laser to work in all conditions. The great advantage of this type of machines is their resistance – they require less careful treatment than newer technologies, both when it comes to replacing parts and cleaning. More importantly, these devices do not have lower power limits. Minor changes to the parameters do not affect the end result, so complete precision is not required, as is the case with other, newer variants. In a word, CO2 cutters are ideal for materials such as, for example, glass, paper, stone, plastics, wood or leather, and the thicker the material, the more their advantage grows.


Ergonomic machine for cutting organic materials

The F-Cut is a compact solution for cutting organic materials such as plywood, plastics and laminates, etc. The precision of the CO2 laser used allows for precise slits in the plywood, which allows the use of this machine for the production of printing dies. It is intended for plants with limited production space.

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A wide range of material to be cut

CO2 Impression laser cutting machine is a specialized machine for cutting plywood, used for the production of dies. Designed to work with high-power lasers. The device is designed for medium and large production plants where, in addition to cutting quality, high efficiency in a shift system is important.

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