Plasma and oxy-fuel cutters

Wherever steel cutting equipment is needed, regardless of the size and type of plant, the professional equipment we offer will work. We offer plasma cutters of different types – both stand-alone machines and entire lines. Our cutters are fast, characterized by high movement dynamics, and at the same time their work is accurate, even with very thick sheets. Operation is simple while precise handling, allows you to achieve demanded results.

As an additional function, plasma cutters can be equipped with compressors, industrial filter units, laser pointers or optional software. Most of the cutters also allow the use of an oxygen torch. In particular, we pay special attention to these models, which enable cutting quality comparable to laser.

Plasma-oxygen cutters

Industrial machine in economical release

Compact, single-support firing machine designed for thermal steel cutting. The machine has been designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers of steel structures as well as repair departments and workshops of large companies. The burner can be equipped with plasma and / or gas torch (oxy-propane or oxy-acetylene).

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Plasma-oxygen cutters

A versatile solution for every type of production

Spark2 is an efficient machine designed for thermal cutting of steel and other metals with a plasma and gas torch. It can work with air plasma, HD plasma and oxy-fuel torches (oxy-propane or oxy-acetylene). This model is ideal for medium-sized production and service plants where the purchase price and durability of the machine are of the greatest importance.

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Plasma-oxygen cutters

Performance and dynamics confirmed in HVAC customer tests

Glimmer was designed for extremly efficient thermal cutting of steel and other metals with a plasma or oxygen torch (oxygen-propane or oxygen-acetylene). The series of these machines is characterized by very high speed and dynamics of movements while maintaining high accuracy. Thanks to its versatility, rigid structure and very precise drive, it is perfect for any production. The operation of machine is simple and intuitive.

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Plasma-oxygen cutters

Dynamic, uncompromising cutting quality

Machine designed for the most demanding customers who expect the highest precision and efficiency. It can be configured with the latest CNC PRODUCTIVITY PLUS software, which gives many possibilities to adapt the machine. It can be equipped with several cutting supports, it can have several pneumatically simultaneously controlled torches on one support, which allows for combining plasma, oxy-fuel cutting and engraving in one program.

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Plasma-oxygen cutters

Cutting with simultaneous edge chamfering for welding

Thunder3D is a response to the market demand in the segment of high-performance, high-end plasma-oxygen cutters for 2D and 3D cutting. Thunder3D is considered to be the most dynamic cutter of Polish production and achieves acceleration comparable to sports cars.

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