We have developed and implemented 15 complete production lines equipped with KUKA robots. The extraordinary precision and high quality of components make the devices of this German brand famous for their reliability and unlimited use.

Our advantage is not only the experience in working with robots, but also the knowledge of many complex processes and the ability to significantly expand the capabilities of the robot and provide the entire environment that improves production using it.

Plasma or laser cutting

Mounting a plasma torch or a laser head gives almost unlimited cutting possibilities. Thanks to the excellent kinematics of the robot, it is possible to perform any welding phase, cutting into ready-made products, such as containers, sides, and ready-made steel structures.

Laser welding or mig/mag

The welding torch mounted on the robot arm enables any weld to be made. Constant speed and smoothness of movements translate into high quality and aesthetics of the weld. The working range can be increased by placing the robot on an additional linear axis.


The assembly of the milling spindle enables the performance of complex machining operations in a variety of materials. A properly programmed and built workstation, equipped with a base of automatically interchangeable tools, makes the robot a fully automatic machining center.


The robot arm is not only ultra-precise and repeatable of processes, but also a device for moving objects weighing up to 1300 kg. This makes it possible to carry out the operation of moving, palletizing or packing products without the risk of dropping or damaging them. Special attachments tailored to your production profile allow you to pack many items at the same time, thus saving a considerable amount of time and eliminating human error.

Spraying (m.in. paint, glue, gelcoat)

The solution most often found in production plants in the following industries: automotive, hydraulic, welding, etc. It allows you to precisely apply various coatings in many planes and in hard-to-reach places where manual application would not be possible. Uzyskujemy zawsze najwyższą jakość powłoki oraz powtarzalność naszej produkcji.

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