Water cutters - WaterJet

If the work in your plant involves the transformation of soft materials such as rubbers, corks or plastics, or if the materials used there can be cut with the WaterJet method, our cutters will be irreplaceable. These machines operate with high precision, while not creating a gap greater than the minimum. Their use is extremely intuitive, and the shapes you create can be developed in vector graphics programs – the software that the water cutter is equipped with will handle them without any problems.

The Water Jet method can be used in many production branches – it will work well in the bookbinding and rubber industry, as well as in the advertising and modeling industries. Our machines, thanks to modern technological solutions, guarantee that their operating costs will be low throughout their lifetime.


Excellent cutting quality for all soft materials

The STREAMER water cutter is designed for cutting soft materials such as rubber, cork, foams or plastics without the use of abrasive. Provides high cutting precision and minimal gap. It can be used, among others, in the rubber industry, advertising industry, modeling industry, or in companies producing die-cuts.

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Excellent cutting quality of any material

The industrial Xstream waterjet is designed for cutting all types of materials that can be cut with water: metal, stone with abrasive method – with abrasive, and soft, such as rubber, cork, foams or plastics – without the use of abrasive. It provides high cutting precision, high edge quality, minimum gap. The machine is designed for both large and medium-sized plants.

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