Uni-kat’s complete production lines are an uncompromising solution for production facilities where productivity and low operating costs play a decisive role. Glimmer and Fobia cutters can be integrated into the expander and straightener for the circle sheets and the system of interchangeable tables. This makes it possible to create an efficient, automatic line for thermal cutting, with enormous dynamics and speed of movements, while maintaining high accuracy. It is ideal for mass production, especially when quality is also important. Ideal for HVAC industry.

Customized machine

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Each production line is individually adapted to the needs of our customers. Depending on the nature of the production, we will select and properly configure a plasma (Glimmer) or laser (Fobia) cutting machine.

Cooperation with Simmech Engineering resulted in the development of a special system that integrates our cutters with devices for unfolding and straightening sheets. We are the only manufacturer in Poland offering such solutions.

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Roll-out, straightening and feeding system for metal sheets

The use of rolled sheet metal directly translates into a low cost of material purchase, but also into a significant reduction in the amount of waste. In addition, we eliminate the need to constantly load new sheets for cutting, which significantly increases the efficiency of the process.

Filter ingress

We offer modern filtering systems adapted to the size of the work tables of the selected device. The efficiency of air purification from solid fractions oscillates around 99.8%, thanks to which clean air can be directed back to the production hall.

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Compressor with dryer and tank

Thanks to the modern screw and piston compressors we offer, we can achieve a much lower cost of thermal cutting, both plasma and laser. Cutting metals up to a thickness of 3 mm with air is as fast as cutting with nitrogen, and the difference in quality is virtually unnoticeable.

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Ink marking system

Unlike traditional solutions, such as scribing and engraving, inkjet marking does not affect the structure of the material, and the print can be easily removed with a remover.
The print head works very well in companies with diversified production. Thus, we eliminate the need for manual description of details, which significantly reduces the preparatory processes for further production stages.

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