Fiber Laser Cutters

This type of device is designed for plants that work with thin sheets – both made of acid-resistant steel and reflective materials such as copper or brass. The fiber laser is very fast, especially with the material of low thickness: the device allows you to precisely select the parameters of the material, thanks to which the cutting takes place with the highest possible efficiency and speed in a given case. Fiber laser – cost-effective and efficient This machine is smaller in size than the CO2 variant. In order to cut, beam reflecting mirrors are necessary, which has a direct impact on the size of the device. Fiber guides the beam through fiber optics, making the housing more compact. In addition, maintenance and repair of the machine are easier and cheaper than with older technology models. It also enjoys a much lower energy consumption. Speed and energy savings are two key advantages of a fiber laser. With thin sheets, the fiber optic model is simply second to none.

Fiber Laser Cutters

Universal solution for laser cutting of steel

Phobia is a high-performance cutter designed for thermal cutting of steel with fiber laser. The series of these machines is characterized by industrial design and high accuracy. The welded, stress-relieved and milled structure of the machine is topped with an extremely light and, at the same time, rigid composite beam that allows the machine to fully use the laser cutting technology.

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Fiber Laser Cutters

Compact solution for cutting steel in the range of 0.05 - 8 mm

Compact design designed for low-power fiber laser sources. A special version of the device based on a granite plate and linear motors was created for the production of ultra-precise details from thin sheets (even 0.05 mm thick), the so-called SMT/PCB stencils for applying soldering paste on printed circuits.

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