Solutions tailored to your needs

Uni-Kat was established to provide entrepreneurs with numerically controlled devices precisely tailored to their production needs. Over the past 15 years, we have become specialists in the field of thermal and water cutting, offering our customers a wide range of cutting and chamfering equipment in metals, plastics or wood.

Thanks to extraordinary solutions and a highly qualified team of specialists and engineers, we have implemented so far over 500 devices and 15 complete production lines in 14 countries.

Check where our machines work

Thanks to the passion and commitment of employees, we will build perfect, innovative machines that, while working for our clients, will contribute to the development of their organization.


We want to make our company work inspiring. We want to develop our products by introducing modern, innovative solutions. We want to become a company with a permanent, well-established position and international reach. We want our employees to proudly say: "I work for UNI-KAT".


“It's worth being honest, although it doesn't always pay off. It pays to be dishonest, but it's not worth it. Władysław Bartoszewski