Why is laser power so important?

This question, although it may seem naive and obvious, hides a number of aspects that professionals themselves are sometimes not aware of. That is why we decided to delve into this topic and not only present all the “obviousness”, but also the secrets hidden by the industry itself, including, in particular, manufacturers of laser cutting machines.

The importance of cutting technology

It should always be emphasized how important it is to choose the right device technology for the planned works. After all, a laser with even the highest possible power is useless if it is not adapted to processing the selected material.

For example, in automotive workshops, where the most common material to be cut is steel sheets, the Fiber laser is the most appropriate solution. But what about plants where rubber, plastic or even leather are also processed? There, it is worth considering buying a device that uses CO2 cutting.

Material and power

Understanding what types of components are to be machined on site is essential. Too many people still choose devices whose laser power is significantly higher than necessary. Or the other way around: they buy a cheaper model that will not be able to handle the products cut in the factory on a daily basis. Therefore, we advise you to describe in detail what kind of materials and what thickness will be delivered to your workshop. Will it be sheets with a thickness not exceeding 20mm? Or maybe thin wood or plastic only 8 mm thick? Based on this, it is easy to calculate the maximum force that the selected laser must have.

Is the specification provided by the manufacturers correct?

Before purchasing a device, everyone checks its technical specification and makes a decision on this basis. Unfortunately, often the power data are … Not necessarily adulterated, but true only for the first months or even weeks of device use. This is due to operating with a significant excess of power while the machine is still new. And this parameter is indicated by the manufacturers. Therefore, it is worth knowing the opinions of people who have been using the device for a long time before you decide to buy it.