Which laser cutters are worth using for sheet metal processing?

The times when sheet metal cutting was done with mechanical tools are long over. Currently, advanced, automated machines are used, which not only facilitate the entire process, but also increase its accuracy. At the same time, they translate into lower costs, so a properly selected cutter can only bring benefits to an industrial plant or workshop. However, how to choose the best technology? In this article, we will show you which solutions are available on the market and which we recommend.

Why is the right choice so important?

As we mentioned above, laser cutters have many advantages that translate into the efficiency and development of the plant where they are used during the implementation of orders that require sheet metal processing. In particular, it is worth noting that nowadays companies are often required to use new technologies – current and potential customers are well aware that this way the service will cost them less and at the same time will be better performed. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that the selection of technology should depend on the method of operation of the plant, as well as the nature of the most popular orders.

Solutions available on the market

We will focus primarily on the three most popular technologies, although it is worth mentioning that new, more or less effective proposals appear on the market regularly (however, most of them are not widely used). You can still most often meet with CO2 laser cutting, i.e. a combination of gas and an electrical voltage pulse. In recent years, fiber optic technology has gained in popularity, proving that an already efficient and accurate process can still be improved. The last proposition is DDL (Direct Diode Laser), which, although useful, does not match the fiber method.

What do we recommend?

In fact, when considering which laser cutters are worth using for sheet metal processing, it is worth considering only gas and fiber technology. We encourage you to read our article, where we compare Fiber and CO2 laser cutting. This will allow you to make an informed decision, adjusting the solution to the needs of the plant during sheet metal processing.