The industrial Xstream waterjet is designed for cutting all types of materials that can be cut with water: metal, stone with abrasive method – with abrasive, and soft, such as rubber, cork, foams or plastics – without the use of abrasive. It provides high cutting precision, high edge quality, minimum gap. The machine is designed for both large and medium-sized plants.

Width 1500 – 3000 mm
Length 1500 – 6000 mm
Travel speed 40 m/min
Operating pressure 4200 bar

Solutions that you receive as standard:

Gate design independent of the bath

X-axis aluminium beam

High pressure multiplier pump

Water-abrasive cutting head with sapphire nozzle

Table with tub of acid-resistant sheet

Anti-condensation system on electronic and electrical components

Mobile control panel

Accordion guards to protect the mechanics of the machine against dust

Unlimited cutting options

Xstream is an industrial cutting machine for all materials. The device was designed to work with high-pressure multiplier pumps. Thanks to its versatility, it is perfect for the production of machine prototypes, as well as in service and stone factories.


Support systems

The system of cleaning the bathtub, removing the used abrasive and the sludge formed during cutting, and the automatic abrasive feeding system, effectively increase the machine’s working time and reduce the operator’s effort. Automatic dosing of abrasive to the cutting head improves the cut quality and optimizes abrasive consumption.

Machine for long years

The central lubrication system of the mechanics maintains all mechanical components in perfect condition, which translates into many years of reliable operation of the device.

Bath with water level regulation

Cutting water under high pressure generates a lot of noise. We are able to reduce this noise by immersing the detail under the water surface, therefore the bathtub of the device has been designed so that it is possible to adjust the water level, depending on the thickness of the material being cut.


Additional options available:

Professional CAD/CAM software

Automatic lubrication system

System for the current cooling of the bath

Supply water treatment system with filter set

Failure detection system

Vacuum abrasive supply system for cutting head

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