Glimmer was designed for extremly efficient thermal cutting of steel and other metals with a plasma or oxygen torch (oxygen-propane or oxygen-acetylene). The series of these machines is characterized by very high speed and dynamics of movements while maintaining high accuracy. Thanks to its versatility, rigid structure and very precise drive, it is perfect for any production. The operation of machine is simple and intuitive.

Width 1000 – 3000 mm
Length 3000 – 12000 mm
Travel speed 85 m/min
Accuracy +/- 0,1 mm

Solutions that you receive as standard:

Hearth independent from portal

Provides safety of mechanics while working with tons of steel

Intelligent sectional hearth

Reliability of smoke extraction

Milled construction

Perfectly even surfaces guarantee the elimination of stresses and thus a long service life of the main mechanical elements

Hearth drawers

Convenient access to small details and easy cleaning, which allows you to save even a whole working day

Replaceable hearth grate

Comfort of operation

Universal design

Possibility of oxy-fuel and plasma installation

Metal sheet correction system

Quick and easy X-Y adjustment

THC system

Intelligent torch distance control system

SF system

Beveling system - quick and convenient 15 °, 30 ° and 45 ° chamfering with a plasma or oxygen torch

Intelligent Network Communication

File exchange, remote diagnostics and updates.


Easy-to-use genereator of typical shapes


Intuitive nesting as standard

Green Light Laser

Perfectly visible green laser indicating precisely the position of the torch.

Data security

Each device has a backup

Anti-condensation system

Protects electronics agains water condensation


The system allows routing using a plasma torch.

Mobile control panel

Comfortable machine control from anywhere

The fastest Polish plasma cutter

Thanks to high dynamics, Glimmer is perfect for cutting thin sheets, where the speed of cutting details results in high quality of finished details. Ideal for the HVAC industry.


Precision helical drive

The drive transmission system in the Glimmer series machines is based on the highest quality helical racks. The physical properties of the inclined (helical) teeth result in excellent high-speed transmission while maintaining great precision of movements. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve travel speeds of up to 85 m / min, without fear of losing dimensions, even on 12-meter sections.


Mobile control panel

All our poartal plasma-oxy cutters are equipped with a movable control cabinet, the range of which can be up to 5m. Thanks to this solution, it is much easier and more convenient for the operator to control the operation of the machine.

All the controlling electronics are inside the desktop. Thanks to the quick coupler system, the desktop can be disconnected from the machine in a very fast and easy way.

Hearth drawers

Most of our devices are equipped with waste drawers, which allow easy cleaning of the extraction tables from the slag and dross and give access to small details, that may fall inside the table during cutting.

This solution saves time when cleaning and maintaining the machine, without the need for time-consuming removal of the grate.


Additional options available:

Pipes turntable

Special extension for perpendicular pipe cutting.

Turntable for pipes and profiles

Turntable for rotation of both pipes and profiles, giving even more versatility.


The safety system, combination of a system of lanyards and bumpers ensures the safety of operators' work.


Safety system based on light curtains.

Industrial wireless remote control

Allows you to control the machine from anywhere in the operating zone of the machine. The remote control is ideal for working especially with machines with a large field of work.


Operator-controlled from the control panel. protects the operator against spraying during piercing and eye light during plasma cutting.

Multitool support

Allows many technologies to be installed alternately during the process.

SAS - Automatic lubrication system

Provides automatic maintenance of the chassis and drive system of the machine.


An innovative system that optimizes torch movement between vectors. Saves up to 25% cutting time.

Integration with the uncoiling and straightening system

The use of rolled sheet metal directly translates into a low cost of material purchase, but also into a significant reduction in the amount of waste. In addition, we exclude the need for continuous loading of sheets for cutting.


Optional device for drilling and marking holes.

CAD/CAM Software

The software is selected based on the customer’s production profile. Our specialized sales department will determine your needs on the basis of a short conversation and then propose the most optimal solution. For more information, call: +48 730 850 710


Modern plasma units

A plasma unit is a key element of any production. Cutting in the range of 0.5 – 100 mm of black steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Click here to see the range of available plasma units

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