Compact design designed for low-power fiber laser sources. A special version of the device based on a granite plate and linear motors was created for the production of ultra-precise details from thin sheets (even 0.05 mm thick), the so-called SMT/PCB stencils for applying soldering paste on printed circuits.

Width 1000 mm
Length 800 – 2000 mm
Travel speed 85 m/min
Laser power up to 1.5 kW
Resolution 0,01 mm
Accuracy 0,05 mm

Solutions that you receive as standard:

YLR series IPG fiber laser

Cutting head: Precitec

System of capacitive control of the position of the nozzle over the material

Electronic pressure control and gas switching system

Automatic detection of material edges and rotation of the coordinate system

FlyCut - in-flight cutting systems and FrogJump - idle motion optimization system

Sheet metal pre-cleaning system and protective film (foil) removal system

Covers protecting drives and guides against dirt

Covers protecting against reflection of the laser beam

Manually extendable hearth


The first of the series of Qubo machines was created in a unique way. The device was tasked with an extreme accuracy of 1 nm and enormous repeatability, because the end result was to be a SMT/PCB stencil, a template for applying solder paste into printed circuits for large-scale production of electronics. The goal was achieved thanks to the use of linear motors and a granite base perfectly damping all vibrations.


Compact build

Due to its construction, the machine does not require special preparation of the ground for assembly. This device can be moved and installed anywhere in the hall at any time. Manually retractable hearth enables comfortable loading of material and facilitates grate replacement.

Enormous durability and precision

We focus on reliability, so inside our devices we have used the latest components from world leaders in their industry. The Bosch-Rexroth linear guides or the hardened helical-toothed runners by Güdel are just some of the elements that guarantee reliability and precision.

Additional options available:

High pressure compressor enabling the cheapest cutting with air

Professional CAD/CAM software

Industrial filtering unit CleanAir

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