Fobia is a highly efficient cutter designed for thermal cutting of steel with the use of a fiber laser. The series of these machines is characterized by industrial design and high accuracy. The welded, stress-relieved and milled structure of the machine is topped with an extremely light and, at the same time, rigid composite beam that allows the machine to fully use the laser cutting technology.

Width 1500 – 2000 mm
Length 3000 – 6000 mm
Travel speed up to 120 m/min
Laser power up to 6 kW
Resolution 0,01 mm
Accuracy 0,05 mm

Solutions that you receive as standard:

Automatic calibration

X-axis beam made of composite

IPG Multimode Fiber Laser

Cutting head Precitec

Steel gantry structure, stress relieved, with the Y axis drive in a "tandem" configuration (two motors on both sides of the gate)

Capacitive system controlling the position of the nozzle over the material

Nozzle cleaning, blowing and cooling systems

Electronic pressure control and gas switching system

Material edges automatic detection and rotation of the coordinate system

FlyCut - in-flight cutting systems and FrogJump - idle motion optimization system

Sheet metal pre-cleaning system and protective film (foil) removal system

Mechanics central lubrication system

Covers protecting against reflection of the laser beam

Automatic exchangable table

Drawers for convenient access to fallen parts

Proprietary software

Our programmers have developed an easy-to-use and intuitive graphic interface with full visualization of the cutting process. It is possible to stop and restart the machine from any vector, as well as change parameters during the cutting process. The control enables the use of the latest technologies, such as optimization of head movements – FrogJump or cutting in-flight – FlyCut. They allow you to save up to 25% of cutting time, which translates into an increase in production efficiency by up to 15% per shift.


Industrial solution

Fobia is an industrial fiber optic cutter, suitable for multi-shift production. As befits an industrial solution, the device is equipped with covers of all mechanical elements and a central lubrication system, ensuring the greatest possible service life. The machine is closed inside a special casing designed to protect the user’s eyesight against extremely dangerous reflection of the laser beam.

Additional options available:

High pressure compressor enabling the cheapest cutting with air

Professional CAD/CAM software

Industrial filtering unit CleanAir

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