Waterjet xStream-Kat


The industrial XStream-Kat waterjet is designed for cutting all types of materials that can be cut with water: metal, stone abrasive - with abrasive as well as soft, such as rubber, cork, foam or plastics without abrasive. Provides high precision cutting, high edge quality, minimal gap. The machine is designed for both large and medium-sized businesses.

Specyfikacja techniczna

- X axis work area - 1500 to 3200 mm, Y axis - 1500 to 3200 mm,
- Z axis movement - up to 150mm,
- operating speed up to 15m / min,
- High pressure multiplier pump for 4200bar, 50kM
- 25 kg of abrasive tray
- stainless steel table with capacity 1000kg / m 2
- water adjustment system +/- 20 mm
- Automatic abrasive feeding system,
- Sludge removal system
- Water purification system with filter kit,
The cutter control program is very easy to use and all subtitles and messages are in English. Drawings can be transferred via USB memory or via a network connection.

Selected features of the control software:

- ease of use
- friendly interface with full visualization of the cutting process
- import DXF files, PLT, G-code
- stopping and restarting the machine from any moment
- possibility to change cutting parameters during operation
- security system against exceeding the allowed size of the detail
- Generator of typical shapes
- The ability to conveniently distribute the details on the sheet
- Cutting optimization