Streamer waterjet


STREAMER waterjet is designed for cutting soft materials such as rubber, cork, foam or plastic without abrasive. Provideshigh cutting precision and minimal curve. It can be used ie., in the rubber industry, the advertising industry, modeling, or in companies producing die-cutting tools. By applying innovative solutions of high pressure, based on components from reputable manufacturers we reached exceptionally low operating costs .

An hour work of STREAMER waterjet costs less than 1 EUR !


Sturdy metal construction, precision linear guides and backlash-free ball screws ensure high accuracy of cut parts. Touch panel and intuitive interface makes the machine easy to use.


Drawings of details can be made in most programs for creating vector graphics (including AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Q - CAD, etc.).

Specyfikacja techniczna

- work area: X axis – from 1000 to 4000 mm, Y axis – from 800 to 2000 mm,
- Z axis clearance – from 30 to 100 mm,
- work pressure – up to 1600 bar (freely adjusted),
- average power consumption – 3,5 kW
- water consumption – up to 2,5 l/min,
- supply: 7 kW