Plotter MICRO

MICRO series milling plotter CNC milling machine with a full 3-axis interpolation. Robust cast iron construction allows milling both soft materials: wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and steel to a hardness of 50 HRC.

Technical specification

- work area: X = 400, Y = 400, Z = 75 mm
- spindle 18 000 rev / min; 0.8 kW
- t-groove table
- speed operation up to 10,000 mm / min
- repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm
- precise guides Bosch-Rextroth
- drive realized with serwo-stepper motors and backlash free ball screws
- sensor length cutter
- self-control program machine tools
- servo motors instead of serwo-stepper motors
- spindle 24 000 rev / min
- liquid-cooled spindle
- automatic tool change system
- specialized program for the distribution of elements on the sheet and optimizing the use of the material, for example. WRYKRYS, SigmaNEST
- the drill head
- tool cooling system ie. cold air
- other dimensions of the work field
- guides and screws for increased capacity
- vacuum with dust extraction installation
- underpressure table or vacuum table
Control program burners is very simple in use. Drawings can be transferred via USB or through a network connection.

Selected features of the control software:

- ease in use
- friendly interface with full visualization of cutting process
- import of DXF, PLT, G-code
- stopping and restarting the machine from any point
- the ability to change the cutting parameters during operation
- security system against exceeding the permissible size retail
- generator of typical shapes
- the possibility of a convenient distribution of elements on the sheet
- cutting optimization
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