Fobia laser cutter

Phobia is a high-performance burner designed for thermal cutting using optical fiber lasers. The series of these machines is characterized by very high speed and dynamic dynamics with high accuracy. Thanks to its versatility, rigidity, construction and high precision drive, it is perfect for any production. The operation of the burner is simple and intuitive. Durability, tremendous productivity, and low operating costs are undoubted advantages of this machine.

Technical specification

- work area: X = 1520 mm to 2000, Y = 3030 mm to 6000
- Z axis movement: 80mm
- speed: up to 65 m / min
- Acceleration: 1.2G
- power of the laser source: up to 4kW
- resolution: 0,01 mm
- positioning accuracy / repeatability: 0,025 mm for every 300 mm movement
- y-beam made of composite
- Bosch-Rexroth linear guides with increased accuracy
- precision, hardened gear teeth, helical Güdel
Servo motors for X, Y1, Y2, Z axis and Beckhoff
controls - multimode fiber optic laser IPG
- Cutting head: Precitec LightCutter
- Capacitive sensor for position control of the nozzle over the
material - pleated guards to prevent dirt from drives and guides
- shields to protect the work area from the reflection of the laser beam
- exhaust system with exhaust fan
- fireplaces drawings
- laser power of over 4kW
- Drive on linear motors (speeds up to 150 m / min, acceleration to 3G)
Pull-out, manual sheet loading table
- automatic, replaceable sheet loading table
- laser safety curtain
- filtered ventilation giving purity of air after purification 1-10 mg / m3
The laser control program is very easy to use and all subtitles and messages are in English. Drawings can be transferred using a USB drive or via a network connection.
Selected software features:
- ease of use
- friendly interface with full visualization of the cutting process
- import the G-code
files - stopping and restarting the machine from any vector
- the ability to change cutting parameters while working
- override protection system
- Optimizing the use of
Typical shape generator - Convenient distribution of details on the
sheet - optimize the cutting sequence